UTSC Mobile App Sample Blueprint

Please email one blueprint document containing all relevant information to before 11:59pm
on June 1, including “APPSTAR BLUEPRINT” and your application name in the email subject. Also, please be sure to include all team member names in the body of the email. Please keep email size limits in mind when submitting your application blueprint.

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Access to Web Services

In order to ensure the continued security and stability of the UTSC web services, the AppStar team is unable to make available direct access to these. Instead, it is recommended that any application that will require access to an external data source make use of an artificial one for the purposes of this competition.

In an effort to provide some guidance on the general structure of the existing UTSC web services as data sources, the following examples demonstrate what to expect with regards to input and output parameters.

Please note that the AppStar team provides this information as a guide only and cannot provide any additional information or development support regarding these data services.

In the event that you wish to use a data source that?s not provided here, please feel free to emulate one to the best of your knowledge with an effort in considering all possible data fields that might be required.

If you make use of an artificial data source (based on the provided samples or otherwise) please be sure to indicate so in your submission, along with your assumed input and output parameters. Please note that the AppStar evaluation team will not be evaluating any artificial data services for this competition, other than as it is required for the application itself.

Existing UTSC Mobile Applications

Currently, UTSC has an Android application available for public use. In addition, an iOS version is also under development with the same features and will be available soon.

UofT Mobile Application Lab

UofT’s Mobile Application Lab (APL): located in the Bahen Center for Information Technology,

the facility is open to any and all UofT student/employee/faculty who are interested in mobile

applications research and offers access to development and testing facilities. Learn more at