1. How many people can be on a team?

There is a limit of up to 5 members per team. Each team should include: an idea person, a programmer, and a manager. The skill set of the idea person includes: conceptualization, idea validation, user experience. The skill set of the programmer includes: computer coding, app development, and object oriented programming. The skill set of the manager includes: time management, communication skills, and organizational skills.

2. Can I team up with a friend from another campus?

As long as they are registered for at least one UTSC course. The competition is open to all UofT students taking courses at UTSC.

3. What are the costs of entering this competition?

None! This competition is completely free!

4. What are the prizes?

First prize is $ 3,000, second prize is $ 2,000, and  third prize is $ 1,000. There is also a prize for best code, $200, and a prize for greatest design challenge, $200.

5. Are there certain criteria the apps must follow?

Yes. There are two categories: research (benefits or supports research conducted at the University), campus community (benefits or supports the mission of the Department of Student Life).

6. How do I find a faculty mentor for a research app?

Approach a full-time faculty member about his or her research. They just need to agree that your idea for an app will benefit or support their research, and agree to send you a message of that in writing; there is no other requirement. Feel free to ask The Hub for a recommendation thehub@utsc.utoronto.ca.

Faculty are not permitted to be team members in AppStar, nor do they share in the cash prize.

It may help to state clearly that the IP generated via AppStar is owned and retained by you - the contestants. In the event that the idea for the app originates with the faculty member, it may also be helpful to note that it is not the "idea" of an app that constitutes IP, but its execution (in this case the code created).

7. How will the submitted applications be judged?

Please see the evaluation criteria for specifics on how the applications will be judged for the competition.

8. What if I don’t know how to develop an app?

Come to our AppStar mixer events at The Hub! It's a chance to learn more about the contest and to mingle with other students. You might just find a great collaborator to work with. Also, feel free to contact student clubs on campus to find others looking for partners.

9. What operating systems are permitted?

Apple iOS and Android.

10. What if my idea involves a web app?

Your idea may include a web app that you build as well, but it is the mobile component that is evaluated and judged.

11. Must I complete my app?

Winners of the contest are required to complete a Version 1.0 (a stable release for public use) of their app; others are encouraged to complete their app, but are not required to do so.

12. Are the Milestones mandatory? What if I can’t make one of them?

Yes they are mandatory. If you cannot attend one (or both) of the Milestones in person, please let us know and we will make arrangements for you to attend them via internet.

13. How do I obtain a key to The Hub?

All contestants in AppStar are automatically eligible to obtain a key to The Hub. There is a refundable deposit of $15, which is given back to you when the key is returned.

14. Why is there a key deposit for The Hub?

Unfortunately, a key deposit is required because the University is now charging for key cards. The Hub is willing to "buy back" these keys at the end of your use, so that they can be used for another student - hence, changing the cost into a "refundable deposit".

15. What are my chances of winning?

The past two years have witnessed about 20 teams entering the contest. Your chances of winning a 1st prize are therefore about 1 in 10, and of winning any prize about 3 in 10.

16. May I pay others to create the app?

Paying for commercial development is not allowed. You may pay others, as part of your team. This is not encouraged, but it is not strictly forbidden.

17. May I be paid to create the app?


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