Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology  

   41st Annual Meeting

October 17th-20th, 2013

Scarborough, Ontario


Symposium proposal deadline:  June 21st, 2013

Abstract submission deadline:  Sept. 15, 2013

Early Registration deadline:  Sept. 15, 2013

Deadline for reserving a hotel room in the conference block:  Sept. 18, 2013 No Deadline for conference price!!

** For the reduced conference rate, please indicate that you are attending the CAPA conference when booking your hotel room at the Delta Toronto East.

8 Responses to About

  1. Barbara Hewitt says:

    Is there a code for booking the hotel online or do we need to call them? Thanks!

  2. Svetlana says:

    Dear sirs,

    My name is Svetlana, I’m the curator of the Guru-Art project, founded by Olesya Bondareva. Olesya is a filmmaker and a photographer working on various projects about the mystical traditions of Central Asia. Here is a link to the website, we’re working on : http://www.kazakhdervish.com.
    I am wondering if your might be interested in a photo exhibit during the CAPA Annual meeting.

    The exhibit includes a short video and photos with text commentary about the symbolism and the rituals.

    There are 25 photos in the exhibit you could find at http://www.kazakhdervish.com/photo.php . The photos are printed on very light foam boards and can be easily mounted on the walls.

    Bifatima is a famous spiritual healer in Asia, and she represents the traditions of sufism and shamanism. She is not very eager to share her work but Olesya Bondareva spent a very long time with her and was able to learn about her world. Bifatima drew an incredible number of her pictures just for people, called “the Dervish’s Cards”. We can include some of them in the exhibit if it is of interest for you. All 25 exhibit photos also have Bifatima’s drawings on them.

    The exhibit was never shown in Canada or US.

    The exhibit has already been shown in Brussels, London, Moscow, Almaty, Kiev and Belgrade (see links below). Olesya has also had a long term exhibit of Bifatima’s drawings at this gallery in Moscow: http://www.vgallery.ru/ru/artists/artists_bifatima.html .
    Our project was awarded a Special Mention in the category of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Belgrade at the 19th Festival of Ethnological film (2010).

    Canon and HP were our printing sponsors in Europe.

    We would be very pleased presenting the exhibit at the CAPA Annual meeting

    Thank you!

    Yours faithfully,

    Svetlana Taischeva

    • schillaci says:

      Hello Svetlana,
      I don’t think CAPA is the best venue for your exhibit given our membership comprises biological anthropologists.
      Best of luck,
      Michael Schillaci

  3. Sarah Richer says:

    What is the deadline to submit material to be eligible for the student prize?

    • schillaci says:

      The deadline for student prize materials corresponds with the abstract deadline. I think there are CAPA regulations regarding authorship. The student must be the sole author or if there are multiple authors then the student must be the first author and the other authors are also students. I am not 100% sure about this though.

  4. Are there any guidelines/restrictions for the size of posters?

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