Workshop Overview

From May 21st to 23rd, a workshop will be held in Toronto, Ontario to discuss CORD’s research and funding priorities moving forward. This initiative will bring together approximately fifteen experienced researchers and practitioners from Brazil, Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, India, South Africa and the United Kingdom for a three-day workshop hosted by the International Development Studies Program at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

In particular, the workshop’s program will focus on:

  • Exploring the opportunities for and approaches to achieving a new south-south knowledge network and partnership on governance and citizen engagement
  • Exploring the potential research program of the proposed network
  • Exploring the potential for curriculum design and resource development for citizenship¬†research
  • Sharing of current research
  • Sharing network-building strategies using online platforms and offline tools
  • Understanding and developing strategies for long-term sustainable local funding mechanisms

The short-term output of the workshop will be the development of a comprehensive proposal on the development and strategic directions of CORD. Key partners, additional participants and potential funders and sponsors will be identified.

The workshop will also result in the development of a knowledge dissemination portal and social media platform on issues of citizen participation, development, inequality and governance. The CORD site will be a Web 2.0 platform built on WordPress and various social media extensions to allow participants in the network to interact, share, and co-produce knowledge in a distributed manner. In addition to serving as a networking platform for researchers, it will host: working papers of recent research, reports, reprints of existing journal articles, policy briefs, opportunities (events, conferences, call for papers, research opportunities, etc.)

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