CORD Timeline

CORD’s Previous Activities

  • Early 2011: Potential collaborators begin to exchange ideas online, with the goal of setting up the research network
  • Mid-2011: the CORD co-ordination committee organized its first four-day online conference in order to identify potential areas for future collaboration, with almost 30 researchers from all around the globe. Some of the crosscutting research themes mentioned to be explored were:
    • Engaging citizens and states in building pro-poor social policies
    • Understanding the role of citizen participation and social mobilization in informal social arenas
    • Understanding the challenges of global research collaboration and new BRICS-led development initiatives
  • Early 2012: A second 4-day online conference was organized in March 2012, on the topic of “Defining the Global South

Through discussions in 2011, participants agreed to set up two working groups to foster online exchanges: a ”research group” and a “teaching group”. The teaching group aims to focus on deepening collaboration on teaching and learning, and working towards a more formal global curriculum. The research group is in charge of developing collaboration on concrete projects that foster engagement between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. It is also in charge of developing an online bi-annual research symposium – the “Coming Up for Air Online Conference” - a discussion forum for theoretical, methodological and analytical exchanges. As noted above, a first iteration of this forum happened in March 2012 on the topic of “Defining the Global South”.

In addition to these two clusters of work, it was also proposed to develop an annual online publication, which would focus on new research on citizen action and governance from the global South. This publication would also provide a space from which to systematize CORD’s online activities and to publish the discussions from the online research symposium.