Hani Morsi

Researcher Profile

Hani Morsi is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK.

Current Research

My research focuses on the role and implications of emerging Information and Communication Technologies on citizen participation and political engagement, as well as dimensions of network-mediated grassroots activism and power contestation, with upcoming fieldwork planned in Egypt.

Along with my PhD work, I am currently working on a paper titled : “The Virtualization of Dissent : Popular Political Action between Virtual Space and Real Space in the 2011 Egyptian revolution from a Participant-Observer’s perspective” which examines the role ICTs have played in the 2011 Egyptian revolution, being enabler of and catalyst to a dynamic relationship between ‘virtual space’ where political dissidence have been transplanted to reignite a stifled social discourse on change, and ‘real space’, where a subsequent surge of such a reanimated discourse in the form of confrontational political action has taken place.

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