Laura Trajber Waisbich

Researcher Profile

My name is Laura Trajber Waisbich, I am a Brazilian young researcher and human rights activist recently returned to Brazil after 4 years studying and working in three different countries: France, Belgium and the United States. I have my initial training in International Relations and a Master’s in International Relations and Political Science. Since early 2011, I am a researcher at the Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning (Cebrap) working with democracy and development-related issues. I am also Editorial Assistant for Sur – International Journal on Human Rights, a trilingual (Portuguese, Spanish and English) journal published by Conectas Human Rights, an international NGO based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In the past, I have worked for other international non-governmental organizations having being engaged in international advocacy activities in the context of the United Nations, European Union and the American government institutions on topics such as ethnic issues, human rights, and conflict prevention.

Current Research

Some of the research projects I am currently involved on at Cebrap are related to the dynamics of health public policies in Brazil, and mainly in the city of Sao Paulo. We are currently finishing some activities related to past work analyzing the impact of participatory experiences on the distribution of health-services in the city and just starting a new project on public-private partnerships of subcontracting for health services in the state of Sao Paulo.

I am also involved in some ongoing discussion on Brazilian international development cooperation. Part of this discussion is being held in an emerging multi-country network that aims at understanding the role of emerging powers (notably BRICS countries) on international development cooperation.

With my work at Conectas Human Rights, I am also working on South-South cooperation on topics like transitional justice, transparency and accountability, the use of force, and human rights regional systems.

Furthermore, I have a personal interest on more general international politics agenda such as the reform of global governance institutions and on Brazilian foreign policy discourse and practices in this regard.

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