Paul Kingston

Researcher Profile

Paul Kingston is the Associate Professor of Political Science and International  Development Studies, University of Toronto Scarborough.


Current Research

My current research project, almost complete and about to be published (Reproducing Sectarianism: Advocacy Networks and the Politics of Civil Society in Postwar Lebanon, SUNY, forthcoming, 2013) has been on the politics of civil society in postwar Lebanon. The analytical focus has been on policy making and the ‘state’ and, in particular, on the challenges and consequences of limited policy access in weak and fragmented polities.

I am interested in extending this general research theme to particular policy areas. One that interests me is that of ‘disability’ – one of the case studies in my book and, in general, an under-researcher area in the context of the Global South and Middle East. My focus would continue to be on the participation of people with disabilities and their self-advocacy associations in policy making processes – focusing on the intersections between them, the global disability rights movement (given energy by the recent passage of the Convention on the Rights of Peoples with Disabilities in 2008), and selected countries/regions (tbd) with their particular ‘social policy regimes’.

I have had little involvement in collaborative research networks. This has been a single researched and authored study.

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