Yikes! so How do I Avoid it?


Ok, so now comes the big question, i know what plagiarism is but now i want to know how do i stay far away?  well not to worry because we are here to help!

There are many things we can do to stay safe when it come to plagiarism.

the most important thing we can tell you is first cite your sources! if you take anything even a sentence from anywhere or anyone, give them credit by mentioning where and/or who you got it from. Some good tips on plagiarism and how to cite your sources effectively are as posted From  http://writing.mit.edu/wcc/avoidingplagiarism

  1. If you use the language of your source, you must quote it exactly, enclose it in quotation marks, and cite the source.
  2. If you use ideas or information that are not common knowledge, you must cite the source.
  3. If you didn’t invent it, cite the source.
  4. Unless your professor explicitly tells you to paraphrase, don’t paraphrase.
  5. When in doubt, cite the source. Doing so can only enhance your readers sense of your honesty. (program in writing and humanistic studies at MIT).

these are some excellent tips on how to avoid plagiarism but some other things you can do is try to use original ideas and do not base too much of your work around other works. Don’t worry we know coming to a new environment can be a challenge but if you follow these points, you will be fine.


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