How Serious Is Plagiarism?


This page is just to explain how serious plagiarism is taken here so buckle down because this is pretty scary! plagiarism is considered a very serious academic offense and as is considered to be cheating. The “code of behavior on academic matters” from the governing council of the University of Toronto, states that  ”The University and its members have a responsibility to ensure that a climate which might encourage, or conditions which might enable, cheating, misrepresentation or unfairness not be tolerated”(UofT , 1995). from this we can see that plagiarism will not be tolerated by any means. On top of that Kiehl, Ermalynn says in “Using an Ethical Decision-Making Model to Determine Consequences for Student Plagiarism”  ”Clear policies on consequences related to plagiarism need to be developed and posted on university Web sites and in student handbooks”(Kiehl, 2006). this emphasizes the importance of spreading the knowledge of how serious it is for people to know about plagiarism. Kiehl also states in another part of the paper that “The consequences for plagiarism should be severe enough to bring about a change in future behavior.”(Kiehl, 2006). he is trying to show how seriously plagiarism should be taken but his concerns are not unshared. the governing council at u of t states that there are several consequences for plagiarism such as a zero on your paper, suspension from your course or even suspension from school!(UofT, 1995). so we see from all this evidence that Plagiarism is no laughing matter, but there many tip and tricks to avoiding plagiarism so you can be well on your way to a clean and worry free university career. to find out go to the Yikes! so how do i avoid it page.


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