It Wasn’t Like This Back Home!


It Wasn’t Like This Back Home! That’s absolutely true! at least in a lot of cases. this system of plagiarism is viewed quite differently all over the world. this is a very important point to bring in to understanding because when we realize this, then we can better understand what is expected of us. In some places such as Pakistan, many student don’t even know what Plagiarism is, as mentioned in a interesting paper by Ramzan, Muhammad called “Awareness about Plagiarism of University Students in Pakistan”. in this article he states “majority of the students were involved in plagiarism and they were not citing the source materials properly”(Ramzan, 2012). he then continues to mention and explain through out the paper that little attention was given about this issue by the administrators and educators.(Ramzan, 2012). so we can see from this study that in other places around the world do not have a very strict code for plagiarism. another study by Ling, Shi, in “Cultural backgrounds and Textual Appropriation” showed after interviewing 46 undergrads from different backgrounds that almost all the students had little or no experience with proper citing procedures. so yes it is true that the schooling system may have been different back home but it is super important to realize how seriously plagiarism is taken here. if you want info on the seriousness of plagiarism go to the how serious is it? page. want points on how to stay clear and stay safe? head for the Yikes! so i do i avoid it? page.

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