Alright What Is Plagiarism?


So in order to get an idea of we are dealing with here, we need an explanation of what plagiarism is. the oxford dictionary defines it as “The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own“(oxford university press, 2014). And in an interesting article by Diana Stout called “Teaching students about plagiarism: What it looks like and how it is measured”,stout defines plagiarism as “Plagiarism,fundamentally as we define it as copying without attribution”,(Stout, 2013).so in other words if you put something down that was not your idea it falls under plagiarism. but one may question is it OK? the answer is simple, no. it is considered cheating, as stout points out in her paper, “studies on cheating, which included plagiarism was provided in Dr. William Joseph Bowers”(stout, 2013). she also says that plagiarism is “unethical” and in another place “unfair” (Stout, 2013). so as we see from this, plagiarism is simply copying someone else’s work and saying it is yours. This is considered cheating and has consequences.


(Wikipedia.en, commons)

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