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At UTSC the Hub is a place where students explore innovative projects leveraging information and communication technologies to bring novel ideas to life.We bring innovators with complementary backgrounds together in an entrepreneurial environment that stimulates creativity, knowledge, and skills so that innovation can flourish.



Your time in The Hub guides you through innovation, creative brainstorming, and discovery.

We guide you through various techniques of ingenuity and breakthrough and show you how to avoid mistakes early on.

You will learn how to conceptualize great ideas.



Your time in The Hub instructs you in a range of methods to research and analyze the potential of your idea.

We lead you in determining the best ways to realize your vision.

You will learn how to create a solution roadmap and shape your idea for best results.



Your time in The Hub teaches you how to design and shape technology that works.

We orient you to design philosophy and teach you how to recognize and pursue compelling solutions.

You will learn how good design generates superior results by moving your concept into an executable architecture.



Your time in The Hub reveals best practices for managing the development and implementation of your idea.

We help you implement your solution, providing tools and resources to build it.

You will move from idea to prototype and learn how to test and evaluate the overall performance of your innovation.